Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I'm still here! Some of you will have already heard the big news that happened in my life - I moved back to Oregon from Holland this summer. Living in Holland was wonderful, and I'll always cherish my time there and the friends I made, but it's been wonderful to be back in Portland.

I got a job managing a construction company, which requires that I work 50-60 hour weeks, so naturally my tackmaking time has taken a big hit from when I was able to do it full time in Holland. I am not currently accepting new orders, and won't be for the foreseeable future - I will be clearing out all the orders I have now before thinking about taking more.

All of my possessions (clothes, studio items, collection) arrived this past Sunday, finally! So I'm working on finishing the move-in process, and looking forward to having my fully functional studio back.

If you have an order with me and you are concerned about when it will be done, please email me - I'll be doing my best to get things done in a timely manner as my new schedule allows.

Thank you all for your continued interest in my work!


  1. Congratulations on your return to Portland. It's the place to be :D

  2. Delighted to welcome you back to the USA, even if it is the wrong end of the country for me! Please let us stay in touch, and come visit my website, just updated.