Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Finished something different!

This is a fun order I just finished this morning. I can't figure out exactly what category it fits into - it has elements from old style mexican and spanish saddles, as well as older American saddles, but then with new style tooling! It was certainly fun to do though, in spite of some challenges from working with this totally new (and customized to match the reference pic) tree. Anyway, here it is!


  1. wow.. this saddle is just awesome! love it! I wish I could afford a saddle by you! if you ever want a remake from me or one of my resins in trade just let me know.. I just love your work and someday Id like to show performance and I have no tack! lol not even a halter!
    Rebecca Turner

  2. What tree do you use to build your saddles on?