Thursday, December 23, 2010

Last saddle for the year!

I finished that parade set last night, and got photos this morning!  I am really beyond happy with how it turned out, so without further delay here are a whole bunch of photos.

This is it from me for the year!  Tomorrow morning we head down to Maarssen for Christmas, and then I am off on Monday the 27th for America.  I really cannot wait to visit everybody in Oregon and Washington, and have a HUGE list of things I want to do while I am there.  Go to Michael's and revel in a huge craft store, Jo-Ann for the same reason, not to mention all of my friends and family that I miss terribly.  It will also be wonderful to go places and understand the conversations around me without having to work to listen!

I hope you guys reading this have a wonderful holiday too, and that you are able to spend it with those you love.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Two per week has failed!

Though I can't say I am especially surprised, two per week lasted exactly one week.  I did get one saddle per week done the other two weeks, though!  I am fortunate that a couple of my customers asked that their saddles be moved farther down the line, so nobody is waiting longer than expected (I hope!).

Anyway, here is a small preview pic of the last saddle of 2010!

It has more than 140 individually tooled and detailed longhorn conchos, those were a bear!  Right now I am in the last stages of construction, and it should be done tomorrow or Thursday.  Just in time, because we leave on Friday to have Christmas with Ben's family!  Then on Monday I fly to America for my visit!  It will probably be quiet around these parts for my trip, though I do hope to update at least once.  I still have another post coming with finished photos of this parade set, though, when it's done!  

Monday, December 13, 2010

As Promised, Tack Pics!

I just got this one put together and got a few photos.  It's a reining set, to fit the Rose Reiner (obviously, haha).  I love the reference pic the customer sent.  She wanted this saddle here, except with a rope edge instead of barbed wire, and with tooling added to the corners of the fenders and jockeys:

Aaaaaand, here's my interpretation:

This one was fun!

Live Show this Weekend!

Well, I do not have saddle pics to post today.  I DO have one saddle almost done for this week, however!  It's not two, but it's better than none.

One of the reasons I was busier than usual this week is that I held my very first live show here in Holland.  It was really fun!  The point of the show was to give a low-key opportunity to practice with the "show one horse in many performance classes" system, which is totally new over here.  Only four entrants were able to make it in the end (it was rather frosty the week leading up to the show), but I heard great things from all four of them.  In addition, these guys just blew me away with how hard they worked to learn this new format!  They all had horses entered in multiple classes, and one entrant managed to get her horse shown in both the other performance division and the english division, with great success.

The show hall is rather small, but I can fit ten entrants in it, and the price is right.  I will be doing another one of these in April, this time only for AR models, CM models, and OF Minis.

Here are a few photos!  M&Ms were my "ribbons", and the orange ones are for first place.  It went Orange, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Brown.

You can see the whole album here, with many more photos of performance and OF Halter (the two divisions offered).

I also hope to have more photos to post later today or tomorrow, of the saddle I am finishing!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

I fail.

Operation Two Per week crashed and burned this week.  I have all sorts of excuses, but the result is that I finished just one set, and that was today.  I also made a pair of skid boots, but those are pretty quick.

Instead of wallowing in my failure, I will just post a few peetchers of the set I DID finish.  It was made for the ISH, who is a lot heavier through the middle than Miss America here, so excuse the hanging billet - that girth is cinched all the way up!

I am hoping I manage to be more productive next week, and stick to my goal!  Only 3 weeks left until I get on a plane... EEK!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sometimes I feel like I'm being watched...

Working alone in the house can have it's positives, like having whatever music I want turned up as loud as I want it.  Some days though, I get a little stir crazy...

Like today, I was working away with tooling and got that "eyes boring holes into me" feeling.  I wonder why...

She watches...