Wednesday, June 9, 2010


GAH! There are few things worse than being positively seized by inspiration to work on something, only to discover I'm missing crucial supplies and can't work on it. This happened to me last night around 2AM. I sat down at 8PM thinking I'd just work on a few little things here and there, and all of the sudden decided I was going to finish the tooling on the current "on deck" order set.

This is a really complicated design, it's based on this famous saddle from Dale Chavez (pic from their site):

So it's 1:30, I have all the tooling done and the leather coated with sealer, and I'm laying out what I need for this morning to dive right in and possibly finish it in one day. (stranger things have happened.) Lo and behold, I have exactly two 1.5mm silver studs. Not 200. Two. I need probably 350ish for this order, and I had forgotten that I used ALL of them on my last order.

Here's that last order, you can see why I ran out!

Now, I *do* have loads of 2mm silver studs, but I did the tooling and borders with 1.5mm studs in mind, and that half a millimeter will really make a difference when it's all put together.

I placed my order for studs to last me hopefully through the year. I really dislike working on things out of order, but in this case I'd rather work on the next saddle than be idle. so off I go!

I am also leaving for Germany tomorrow afternoon for another model show! This time Melanie and I have planned a Friday of fun horsey stuff - we're going to a Curly farm to do a trail ride! I am bringing tons of extra batteries, so hopefully will come back with photos of me on a cutie-pie fuzzbutt!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Live Show Amstelveen, 6.5.2010

Whew! I got back late last night from my first live show in Holland. It was fantastic! Everybody was really friendly, and so many Dutch people speak wonderful english that I had no problems getting around and figuring out what was going on. It helps that I do understand some Dutch, so when they called classes for cold bloods, I know that's drafters, full bloods are TBs, etc etc.

My horses did phenomenally well, I ended up winning Champ and Reserve Performance, Champ and Reserve Resin Breed, Champ and Reserve Resin Color, Reserve Champ Custom Breed, Reserve Champ Custom Color, Champ and Reserve OF Plastic Breed. Yeah. The prizes were really neat-o too, I got schleich models with most of those awards, so now I have a mini collection of them!

Here's a few pics of my wins:

This is my OF 2010 Treasure Hunt Wintersong in glossy bay. I was lucky enough to get to hand pick him from several, and he has really lovely dapples and nice clean socks!

This is Haberdasher, a Flitwick painted by Melanie Miller. Here he is getting third place in the Resin Color judge-off, and earning a card to show in the Dutch Championships in October!

This is Granite and Ponsatron, winning Champ and Reserve in Resin Breed. They won the same awards in Resin Color! Granite is painted by Carol Williams, and Ponsatron is by Tracy Eilers.

Granite winning Champ in performance, wearing tack by me. Check out the awesome elven princess I won!

The structure was closer to an American show than the show in Germany was I think - the judging was done by a handful of designated people, instead of the 'judge what you're not showing in' format, which allowed for a lot more consistency of course. For Performance, there were no tack classes, just the regular small list of classes like harness, western, english, spanish, arabian, other. Minis were in with trads for resins and customs, but separated for OF Plastic. The placings were to fourth. I understand that all shows in Holland use the same colors for awards - first or champ is always orange, which is fitting for Holland! Second/Reserve, third and fourth are red, white and blue, the colors of the Dutch flag from top to bottom. This show just placed to fourth, but I hear that some shows place to sixth, and if they do those colors are pink and green.

I think the biggest new thing for this show was no tags! There were not any recorded results, so everybody wrote down what their horses had won. It really perks my show holder mind to think about not having to do a single page of results, LOL! Again we did not pick breeds for anybody, you just put them in the class that is most appropriate for the body type.

There was a really nice raffle, I donated a western pleasure headstall + romels to it. I won a mini-whinnies painting kit and a crystal horse decoration, both of which I will have fun with for sure!

I also earned several cards for the Dutch National Championship show in October. You earn those only in the Championships, and they are awarded to the champion, reserve, and third place in each judge-off. They are good for one year, so the ones I earned yesterday need to be used to enter those horses at the show this year. It's in Groningen, which is less than a half hour's drive from me, so I will be there for sure! From what I understand there is a normal live show, and then the championship is immediately following the live show, the same day. I *think* that there are just a few classes, like Resin Breed, Resin Color, Performance, etc? Maybe one of the Dutch hobby people on here can confirm? I'm very excited about it though!

Here's the link to my photos. I made comments on them to talk about what was going on, so they make the most sense if you start at the beginning and click through.

Thanks for reading, I hope it was at least a little interesting!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It's finished!

I have finished Erin's Ode to Tacky Tack. This project more or less took over my studio and my brain for the past two days - went to sleep thinking about it, woke up with ideas of how to do the decorations. Now it's back to the regular schedule!

The link to the full set of photos is here, on my website.

A preview photo: