Friday, September 11, 2009

It's been a while...

Sorry about that! To all zero of you that actually read this, ha ha.

Things have been busy - I am dipping my toes into the territory of "making tack for other people", and so far it's going swimmingly. One of the sets is in trade with Tiffany Purdy, she's doing a REALLY COOL custom for me to look like my old arab stud! I can't wait!

I only have a handful of weekends left to work on tack until my room will need to be packed up, so I am not wasting any time. This weekend I should finish Tiffany's set, and make a lot of progress on the other two sets I am working on! One of them will be a traditional sized pleasure set in light oil, rose tooling, tons of silver and studs. It'll be for sale on MH$P when completed! I hope to have some progress photos this weekend.

Take care everybody!