Thursday, April 2, 2009

Live Shows n Kitties

I had a horse show last weekend!  My good friend Tracy was the show hostess.  I really appreciate all the work she did to throw a show – it was great to get the chance to show performance and try to get some of my own stuff qualified for NAN!  It’s coming up SO quickly I can hardly believe it…  Fortunately I did get a ton of horses qualified.  Now I only have three more shows before the entry cutoff for NAN.  NW Expo next weekend, Evergreen Custom Classic after that, followed by NAN Twilight.  All three of these shows are attractive in their own way, and I can’t wait for all of them!

Tracy’s show did leave me with something I wasn’t expecting that night – a kitten!  Marianna and Mel had gone to a local Safeway to get something to snack on that morning, and on their way back to their car they heard some mewing coming from the dumpster area.  Upon exploration, they discovered a small grey kitten, soaking wet and shaking under a pile of wood.  Being the soft hearts they are, they gathered him up in one of Marianna’s horse blankets and brought him back to the show.  He was then delivered to my lap!  Apparently I have “SUCKER” tattooed on my forehead, because of course I accepted him (and all the responsibilities he came with). 

He did have a collar on – a god-awful heavy leather dog collar with big plastic and metal studs.  It was obscene.  I would wager that the collar weighed half what the kitten did.  I can’t imagine putting a collar like that on such a small animal… what if he’d gotten hung up in a tree?  With no safety elastic, he would have just hung there.  There were also no tags on the collar, making it not only borderline abusive but also completely useless.

Regardless, I called home and asked Ben to place a craigslist ad about a found kitten.  Misguided as they may be, the kitten obviously came from a home. 

“Liberace”, as I was calling him, spent most of the rest of the show in my van with loads of blankets and a cardboard box with some litter that Barb was so kind as to drive home and get.  He is box trained, and LOVES people – every time I would run out in between classes to check on him he’d run right to the door of the car and turn on his purr-motor.

As the day progressed with no responses from the ads, my more realistic side started to kick in.  We have three cats.  The third was never supposed to happen either – he showed up in our back yard on Ben’s 30th birthday.  The landlords didn’t want us to have two cats, much less three… four was NOT going to be a plan.  After confirming this, I knew I had to find a place for him immediately.  One of the other exhibitors at the show had expressed earlier in the day how they’d been thinking about getting a kitten, and how much she loved this one.  I approached her as the show was ending, and asked her if she would want to take him home if the owners didn’t come forward before they were leaving the next day.  She said yes!

I hadn’t given up on the owners yet, though.  On the way home from the show, I stopped and had him scanned with two different wands to see if he was chipped.  Of course, that was a negative as well.  He spent the night cozy in our downstairs bathroom, and was delivered to his new momma in the morning.

I’m still rather conflicted about how I handled it.  On one hand, I know he has a fantastic home now.  His new family are very much animal people, they feed raw food, and he’ll have more love than most cats could hope to get.  On this same hand, his original owners allowed a tiny kitten to either go out with permission, or weren’t smart enough to keep him in.  They also get negative points for not having tags or a chip on him, as well as that terrible dangerous heavy collar.  On the other hand, misguided as they may be, he did have a family that probably misses him.  *sigh*

I’m trying to talk myself into knowing that I did the best I could with the limited time I had.  We just could NOT keep him a day longer in our house, and the offer of a great home was too tempting to pass up.  Moral of the story – DON’T LET YOUR KITTEN OUTSIDE!

I am excited though that his new mom is also on Blab, so I get to keep in touch with his life!  She’s already posted pictures, and I can tell that it was a match meant to be. <3