Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Life isn't fair.

This year has been a bad one in terms of losing people. Even though it's almost Christmas, I can't get into the season for a couple reasons. One is that I'm still unsure when I get to join Ben. The other just hit me yesterday:

Karen Grimm of Black Horse Ranch is going through palliative care treatment for ovarian cancer. You can read the story from her at the link above.

If you haven't noticed from previous posts, my BHR models are the stars of my collection. I've e-mailed with Karen on and off for many years, and I simply can't wrap my head around the fact that she probably won't be around for much longer. I wish the newer people in the hobby realized how much of an influence Karen has been - she had Kitty Cantrell sculpting for her before Breyer. Sue Sifton is a major contributor to the BHR line. Karen arguably has the best and most complete Breyer collection out there.

This is the first hobby 'bad news' that's really hit home for me. Which brings me to the subject of this post - life just isn't fair. I know everybody has to pass on at some point, but it's too early for Karen.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Just kidding about no posts for a month!

I thought I should post that I have finally updated my website with four new saddles from the last couple of months. I actually have several saddles I made for NAN that are not posted yet - but I didn't get good photos of most of them, so will need to cobble something together when I have time, from the NAN photos.

Anyway, here's the link:

The Rose Tooled set is for sale, as well! I am having a really hard time pricing it, but e-mail me if you are interested and we can try and work something out. Here's a preview photo of it:

I also posted a page for my most recent two commissions - one traditional sized "Arabian Western Pleasure Set", and one classic sized light oil pleasure set. Both were a lot of fun to do - having customer ideas for them really helped me try things I might not have tried otherwise! Here are a couple of photos of those:

Full galleries of all three saddles are posted at the Tackmaking link above. I hope everybody is well!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blog Hiatus

If you haven't noticed, it has been quiet here for a while - it will remain so for the next month or so. In the mean time, enjoy these web sites that I check on a semi-regular basis - never on company time, of course.

The first, the only, the classic:

Big mistakes with photoshop that somehow make it into the public eye:

Cake Wrecks! Enough said.

The ONLY celebrity gossip site I frequent, because their stories are true and their writers are witty:

Tacky horse tack. One day I'll make several saddles from this site - I love me some shine!

This can have a little rough language, but the stories are unbelievable.

This has a LOT of rough language, but is a constant reminder that I really did not miss out on THAT much by not being a 'party girl' in college.

This site is rather hit and miss, but some of the photos are fantastic!

Rarely updated, but a cruise through the archives is good for a chuckle.

Shameful things horse owners do to their horses.

Fugly blog in a nutshell - don't breed it!

A new addition to the morning blog list, this site encompasses why I am a Target gal.

Cute sleeping kittens. All you really need.

Pics of otherwise attractive women in rather odd situations.

AWESOME customer stories for anybody that has ever had to "help" a customer.

Little moments of WIN!

Not always funny, but cars do get in strange places...

One of the only sites to make me laugh at my desk - some of these are priceless.

Kids can fail too.

Truly awful wedding photos. 'What Not to Wear", wedding edition.

Friday, September 11, 2009

It's been a while...

Sorry about that! To all zero of you that actually read this, ha ha.

Things have been busy - I am dipping my toes into the territory of "making tack for other people", and so far it's going swimmingly. One of the sets is in trade with Tiffany Purdy, she's doing a REALLY COOL custom for me to look like my old arab stud! I can't wait!

I only have a handful of weekends left to work on tack until my room will need to be packed up, so I am not wasting any time. This weekend I should finish Tiffany's set, and make a lot of progress on the other two sets I am working on! One of them will be a traditional sized pleasure set in light oil, rose tooling, tons of silver and studs. It'll be for sale on MH$P when completed! I hope to have some progress photos this weekend.

Take care everybody!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

130-something old photos of me & the animals of my life

Breyerfest is - over. I have no big model horse event to plan for now! I'm still trying to wrap my brain around what that means, so have been doing some little "one day" projects to fill the time. One of those projects is getting all of my old photos scanned in. We have a lovely scanner at work, so I stayed late today and got through about 130 photos. The picasa link will be below - and if you have time, I wrote comments for every photo, and they make the most sense if you start from the beginning.

It's been a very nostalgic, rather depressing evening. I need a horse, you guys. Real bad.

Here's the photos.

(Yes - a great many of the photos have PROOF on them. Unfortunately a bunch of the photogs are now out of business, and I can't get shots. Also, most of them won't keep photos more than 5-8 years old, of which all these are. So please nobody yell at me for using proofs instead of a paid-for image, this is just my personal use anyway.)

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

NAN, short report

It's over! I'm still exhausted. Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights I got two, four, and five hours of sleep. Last night I slept for 12 - and feel a lot better today!

The show was incredible, and went really really well for me. All in all, I ended up with eight championships, four reserve championships, and sixty top tens. Many of those are due to Miss Jennifer Buxton - without her making me those two extra english sets at the eleventh hour, I would have had to scratch two models from showing! It would have been a disaster!

This is the champ I was the most excited about, in CM Western Pleasure.

When I first got into showing, I could never imagine doing well in such a tack-specific class as western pleasure. There was no way I could afford to buy the really fancy saddles I saw winning. That motivation was the first thing that got me into tack making in the first place, so winning a national championship in that class was really special for me. The saddle pictured here is a replica of Tracy Eilers' real show saddle. The replica saddle is a gift to Tracy for all of the things she does for me, as well as just for being such a great friend. It makes me truly happy to be able to give gifts like this.

I have posted my NAN photos here:

They are 95% my horses, but I did put a caption on most of them - maybe it'll be semi-interesting? It's bittersweet that the whole thing is over now. I'll be able to do other things with my nights and weekends for a bit, although I am even more excited about tack making again. I had a great discussion with Carolyn Boydston at the show, and she has some pictures of an ancient warrior statue with really neat tack I want to try to make - the bridle has DEER ANTLERS on it! How neat would that be!? It will be fun to make some tack that isn't so boxed in to 'working western' or 'western pleasure'.

I do have Breyerfest coming up in roughly three weeks though. That will be much easier though - since I am flying, I am only going to show one, maybe two horses in performance, and then just OF and CM minis. It will be a great time, and I am looking forward to hanging out with the mom-unit!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

No pics - sorry!

I have a camera full of pics, but still have to pack my customs and resins for tomorrow - so no pictures tonight guys, sorry! NAN today was awesome, but of course exhausting. I ended up with twenty-something top tens, and three champs!

More on Sunday! Tomorrow we'll be there even later because of the auction, but I expect to be home in plenty of time to post all the pics from the weekend on Sunday.

Off to get ready for round two!

Friday, June 26, 2009


It's 1:46 AM, the morning of my busiest day at NAN. I'm just now going to bed. I'll wake up again in a tad less than four hours.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Workin' Away...

I apologize that I don't have any pictures to post with this blog - it's mostly just an update! I had my second toe surgery on Monday, and it went as well as can be expected. I'm so excited to be able to wear socks and not have throbbing toes at the end of the day!

The saddle factory is going full speed ahead. I got all the tooling done on the next all-around set last night, and dyed the leather. Tonight I will seal it, and being the fun part of construction! It's our friend Julio's birthday though, so I will get a brief reprieve from tackmaking to go out to dinner with friends.

Lastly, proxy bidding for the parade saddle I donated to NAN ends on Saturday! You can see the set at the following link, as well as instructions on how to submit a bid.

I hope to post again on Thursday with more pictures!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

One down, four to go!

My apologies to those on Blab who will be reading this twice. For everybody else, here goes!

This saddle is one of five I *WILL* get done for myself to show at NAN this year. With NAN in my back yard, I could not pass up the opportunity to show pretty much every performance horse I own. My goal is to have NO tack changes at the show - so that means I need a LOT more tack! The plan is to make the following:

-Super-pleasure light oil silver set (the one pictured in this post)

-All-around set in saddle tan
-All-around set in chocolate

-All around set in light oil
-Gaming set (The theme for this will be unicorns - seriously. I'm going to tool unicorn heads on a saddle. The pad is rainbow...)

Anyway, here it is! I'm really happy with how it turned out. It seems like I try something new on every saddle set I do, so I apologize if me talking about the latest new thing gets old! This time, the new thing was these dogwood flowers. They are the first 'real' round flowers I've done, in that they actually look like flowers and have individual petals. I'm usually a fan of the roughly round thingy with lines in the middle to hide that it's
just a round blob... This set also has a new finishing product on it that I LOVE. It really brings out the depth of the tooling way more than what I was using previously. It's amazing what a simple change of finisher will do!

T-minus 2.5 weeks until I MUST finish the other four... Oh, and fly to Breyerwest and work a full time job too. It shall be interesting...

Here's the saddle! It's pictured here on Mel Miller's Jasmine resin, the ears forward version. Tracy Eilers painted her, and is giving her a few more fun details before she shows in Halter, workmanship, AND performance at NAN.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Whoops, it's been a while...

I have been neglecting this blog for WAY too long! Thanks to those that are still 'following' me for not giving up hope. Today I have a rather large update! Most of you that would read this probably already know, but my NAN parade set was finished about a week ago, and turned over to the NAN auction coordinator. It was bittersweet to let go of it, it's certainly my best tack set to date. Here's a sample pic of it, the rest you can see on my website.

I'm really glad to have it finished and gone though, so I can move on to the *five* other sets I need to finish for myself in the next three weeks! Yes, it's a bit ambitious, but I have faith I can do it. This is the first of the five, and I am discovering the more saddles I make, the harder it is to 'name' each one. So this one is called "June 2009 Dogwood". It's my first try on these kinds of flowers, and I really like how they turned out. I also tried a new finishing product on this saddle, and LOVE how it brought out the depth of the tooling.

The picture there is rather small, so here's a cropped close-up of a corner, to show tooling:

I am hoping to finish this set tonight! Up next on the "to get done" block will be a purple/rainbow Unicorn themed gaming set (No, I'm not kidding, it's going to be FABULOUS), a saddle tan pleasure/all around set, and then two other all-around sets that have yet to be designed in my head. I'm so glad I have three more weeks to get all this done - and most of the week off prior to NAN!

I'm still recuperating from my toe surgery last week. It was extremely owie, and now my toe is all shades of gross looking. I'm pretty sure the toenail is going to come off this coming week. Lucky me, I get to go back next Monday to have the other toe done! WHEE!

That's all for now, I hope to have more updates this week as the next two saddle sets move along to completion!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Live Shows n Kitties

I had a horse show last weekend!  My good friend Tracy was the show hostess.  I really appreciate all the work she did to throw a show – it was great to get the chance to show performance and try to get some of my own stuff qualified for NAN!  It’s coming up SO quickly I can hardly believe it…  Fortunately I did get a ton of horses qualified.  Now I only have three more shows before the entry cutoff for NAN.  NW Expo next weekend, Evergreen Custom Classic after that, followed by NAN Twilight.  All three of these shows are attractive in their own way, and I can’t wait for all of them!

Tracy’s show did leave me with something I wasn’t expecting that night – a kitten!  Marianna and Mel had gone to a local Safeway to get something to snack on that morning, and on their way back to their car they heard some mewing coming from the dumpster area.  Upon exploration, they discovered a small grey kitten, soaking wet and shaking under a pile of wood.  Being the soft hearts they are, they gathered him up in one of Marianna’s horse blankets and brought him back to the show.  He was then delivered to my lap!  Apparently I have “SUCKER” tattooed on my forehead, because of course I accepted him (and all the responsibilities he came with). 

He did have a collar on – a god-awful heavy leather dog collar with big plastic and metal studs.  It was obscene.  I would wager that the collar weighed half what the kitten did.  I can’t imagine putting a collar like that on such a small animal… what if he’d gotten hung up in a tree?  With no safety elastic, he would have just hung there.  There were also no tags on the collar, making it not only borderline abusive but also completely useless.

Regardless, I called home and asked Ben to place a craigslist ad about a found kitten.  Misguided as they may be, the kitten obviously came from a home. 

“Liberace”, as I was calling him, spent most of the rest of the show in my van with loads of blankets and a cardboard box with some litter that Barb was so kind as to drive home and get.  He is box trained, and LOVES people – every time I would run out in between classes to check on him he’d run right to the door of the car and turn on his purr-motor.

As the day progressed with no responses from the ads, my more realistic side started to kick in.  We have three cats.  The third was never supposed to happen either – he showed up in our back yard on Ben’s 30th birthday.  The landlords didn’t want us to have two cats, much less three… four was NOT going to be a plan.  After confirming this, I knew I had to find a place for him immediately.  One of the other exhibitors at the show had expressed earlier in the day how they’d been thinking about getting a kitten, and how much she loved this one.  I approached her as the show was ending, and asked her if she would want to take him home if the owners didn’t come forward before they were leaving the next day.  She said yes!

I hadn’t given up on the owners yet, though.  On the way home from the show, I stopped and had him scanned with two different wands to see if he was chipped.  Of course, that was a negative as well.  He spent the night cozy in our downstairs bathroom, and was delivered to his new momma in the morning.

I’m still rather conflicted about how I handled it.  On one hand, I know he has a fantastic home now.  His new family are very much animal people, they feed raw food, and he’ll have more love than most cats could hope to get.  On this same hand, his original owners allowed a tiny kitten to either go out with permission, or weren’t smart enough to keep him in.  They also get negative points for not having tags or a chip on him, as well as that terrible dangerous heavy collar.  On the other hand, misguided as they may be, he did have a family that probably misses him.  *sigh*

I’m trying to talk myself into knowing that I did the best I could with the limited time I had.  We just could NOT keep him a day longer in our house, and the offer of a great home was too tempting to pass up.  Moral of the story – DON’T LET YOUR KITTEN OUTSIDE!

I am excited though that his new mom is also on Blab, so I get to keep in touch with his life!  She’s already posted pictures, and I can tell that it was a match meant to be. <3

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Like a Lemming Over the Cliff...

Today, I purchased my very first Custom Glazed China horse. Her name (the run name, this particular one will need a new name once she gets here and tells me what it is) is Jellibaby. She's a traditional scale miniature horse foal, and is THE CUTEST THING EVER. Here's proof!


In other news, the weekend was pretty good. Saturday I wasn't feeling too hot, but figured it was just a little sore throat that would go away like they usually do. Tracy came over after work, and we had a wonderful productive afternoon Getting Stuff Done. I finished three headstalls, one pair of reins, and most of the construction on the hip drops. Sunday was more of the same - except that I started to feel a wee bit more sick.

This morning I woke up and knew it was all over. I still went in to work to do a couple of things that I can't miss on Monday mornings, but then I headed home. I really hope this goes away. It's an odd illness - I have an on-and-off fever, sore throat, and a cough. Not much of a runny nose, almost no sneezing. It seems like it's all lung. I really hope it goes away soon. I'm going to keep looking at pictures of my new bebeh to sooth myself.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Another weekend - here I come!

Last weekend went well.  I scratched a miserably small number of things off my list...  but one of them was the results from my show!  Of course I still have some stragglers that are just now getting their horse lists turned in, but I would say they are 95% done.  I'll add the latecomer's info tonight probably, and then get them sent OUT!  GONE!  DONE!  :-D

The other thing I got mostly done is a set of hip drops for the red poppy parade set.  I didn't originally make them because I thought the set had a lot going on already, and I'm always paranoid about making things look too busy.  But the buyer really wanted hip drops, so instead of having her make them herself or send it to somebody else, I decided to go ahead and do them.  They were actually pretty fun!  I have all of the main components tooled, sealed, and painted.  This weekend I need to do some simple construction, and then they will be all ready to go.

I still have some other stuff to finish - three headstalls, and then I need to get moving on the next few saddle sets.  I am thinking I'll be able to make a LOT of progress on everything this weekend, since those results are done!  Last weekend I spent TWELVE painful hours on Saturday just cranking through them, so I only had one real work day.  This weekend - TWO!  Wheee!

I've also been base coating several of my horses so they are more ready for painting!  YAY!  One of them is a lonestar that will be painted after my old appy gelding - bay varnish/leopard.  We call him Moldstar, because of all the moldy roaning he'll have all over.  He also has a new mane and tail - Mel gave him a banded mane and braided forelock, and then a lovely long banged show tail!  I can't wait to use him in performance!

I also can't wait for this day to be over - joyful weekend, commence!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

This Weekend = PRANCEVILLE!

That's right.  This weekend is going to be PRANCETASTICAL.  I got a new office chair this weekend!  If you can believe it, for the past two years I have done all of my tackmaking in a wooden dining room chair with a little cushion on it.  NO MORE!  

I got a real-life padded adjustable office chair, with wheels and arm rests!  I am just over the moon at the thought of not crouching in my wooden chair for hours.  

I am SO SO SO excited about getting back to work on a bunch of stuff that has been bouncing around in my head for a month.  I didn't get to work on much in February too, because most of my time was spent getting ready for HnH.

I have several things I need to finish this weekend, and for fun I'm going to list them (because lists are my favorite thing):

1) RESULTS from my show!  I am really good at not doing this part, because I just hate doing results.  But those need to go in on Sunday, so that's the first thing that needs doing.

2) Ferruled Headstall for a customer.  Yes, I never take orders, but this is a headstall I was making anyway, and somebody asked about it when it would be finished.  It's a sort-of order?

3) Cutting and Tooling on 2.5 western sets - one Parade (probably for me to keep), one Parade (For the NAN Auction), and one classic set that is a show donation.  One parade set is mostly tooled, so I would really love to get the first coat of dye on these as well.  Then next weekend can be construction time, which is the most fun anyway!

4) Box up and prepare to ship everything that will need to go out this month.  That includes several horses on payments that are almost paid off, as well as the remainder of my "thank-you" mailings from Hearts N Horses.  I feel bad that they have taken so long to go out, but the past three weeks just disappeared without any trace.  

5) Misc. House stuff that has been neglected for the two weeks we had a visitor.  I need to do laundry, pet the cats, and spend some time with Ben.

ETA: I totally forgot about two other things I need to do - another headstall, and possibly some hip drops for the sold parade saddle!  It's going to be a busy weekend!

The weekend can't get here fast enough.  The only thing that worries me is this plague that has been going around... this morning I woke up with a bit of a sore throat and the sneezes.  I will NOT let some germs take away my precious work weekend!  >:-(  

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Parade Saddle: For Sale!

I did some sobering math earlier this afternoon, and decided it is best if I go ahead and list this for sale.  I have a couple more on the horizon, and I'll just keep one of those if I decide I need to have a parade saddle for myself!

The MH$P ad is here:

You can also see more pictures of it on my website, here:

Thanks for looking!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Movin' Along!

It has been an exciting week in my horse room.  (Side note - I can never decide if I want to call it my "studio" or not.  I suppose it qualifies, as I do create things within it.  I think my hang-up is that I still don't consider myself a "real artist" in any regard, I'm just playing with leather and metal and glue.  Anyway.  That's why I still call it my horse room.)

I am trying a couple of new techniques in construction, namely the early stages of making the saddle pieces and tooling them.  I'm trying it in a different order, and so far it is working really well.  I'm on the fence about what sort of tooling to do on this set, though... Originally I was going to do tulips.  But then I thought that roses would be a better idea, since NAN is in the Rose City after all.  But the problem with that?  Roses are HARD to tool!  So I might go with tulips for this set I am working on now after all, and then try to tackle roses on the next one.  

I also re-discovered an old tool that I had originally discarded as being too hard to handle.  It is doing a great job on edging!

Anyway, there's my random 'working on stuff' musings for the day.

Oh!  I did have a question.  If anybody is reading this and has good suggestions for engaging but not too hard to follow audio books, send 'em my way!  Books on my iPod are my new favorite thing to listen to while I am working on stuff, but I'm about to finish the one I am on right now.  Genre doesn't really matter, all I care about are good and interesting and engaging stories.  A smexy voice reading it doesn't hurt either.  :-)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Finally - NAN Auction Item Chosen!

I have spent a lot of time over the past weeks noodling over what I wanted to do for the NAN auction.  Today I finally am committing to a project - it will be a parade saddle set.  There isn't anybody doing one for the auction this year, and this way my project will be distinctively different from each of the other tack lots.  It will most likely be a saddle tan base colored, tooled of course, with painted accenting.  Similar to this one:

The main difference will be the base color obviously, with a new tooling design and different colored painted accent points.  I am hoping to learn a really neat tulip pattern for this one - inspired by the reading I've been doing about The Netherlands!

Unfortunately it will still be a couple weeks before I can sit down and start pounding this out - but now that I have a solid goal, I'm SUPER excited to get started!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Busy Weekends: The Double Edged Sword

This weekend was fun.  We have a visitor from The Netherlands who arrived on Friday - Ben's long time friend Marloes.  Friday we mostly relaxed, which was nice.  She brought us the entire contents of The Dutch Store!  Tea, soup, licorice, and a lovely book all about Holland!  I've been reading that most nights before bed.

Saturday morning, we got up and headed downtown at about 9:30.  Dropped Ben off at work, and Marloes and I headed off for some beauty treatments - I had my usual eyelashes done, and she had her first ever manicure!  After that we picked up Ben, and spent the rest of the day cruising around downtown shopping, punctuated with a lovely early dinner at Portland City Grill.  That night, we stayed low-key and played a new wii game we got - Carnival Games!  It was really fun, and I wish I had more time I could spend playing it to get more stuff unlocked!

Sunday we got up and went to Multnomah Falls, which is always very pretty.  On the drive back from that, I saw a BALD EAGLE!  I know it's dorky, but I have never seen one in the wild.  My dad and I have an on-going "ID the bird of prey" game while we drive, and I was SO excited to finally see the Big One.  He was so pretty.  

Once we got back into downtown, we had a quick lunch at Chipotle!, and then off to a Blazer's game.  I've never been to a Blazer's game, so it was a new experience for me too.  We bought foam fingers, and cheered them on to a decisive victory over the Clippers.  They scored over 100 points too, so it was free chalupas for everybody!  Unfortunately we exited out of a side door, and didn't get our chalupa.  Oh well.  After that, we headed back home, and I cruised right upstairs to pack some sold horses.  I love selling horses to clear off my shelves, but I *hate* packing and mailing boxes!  I packed up about 15 horses last night, so when further payments arrive they will be all set to go.  Five boxes go out today, YAY!

That was my weekend, in a nutshell.  It was a ton of fun, but I sit here at work wondering where my restful recharging time went?  I'm not ready for it to be another work week, and it's going to be a SUPER busy week at work, too.  Next weekend is going to be more running around doing fun stuff (The Zoo and Mount St. Helens at least!), so I'm looking at another two weeks before I can barricade myself in my horse room and really get some work done.   First weekend of March, I'm looking at YOU!

Friday, February 13, 2009

My Cookies are Famous!

OK, so maybe not "really" my cookies, or "really" famous.  But check out this link:

The first cookies pictured, with the nasty expressions - I bought those from Fred Meyer, and gave them out at my show this weekend!

Speaking of my show - it was pretty grand.  I'll post a "real" blog entry about it this weekend - right now I'm sort of avoiding all things show related, as per usual for the week after a show.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

T-Minus 145 Days!!

Days until NAN.  The National Show.  The Big Shebang.  The Whole Burrito.  The Giant Fiasco.  The ... well, you get the idea.

Yesterday I got an e-mail that informed me that somebody nominated me to judge at the show as well!  This is neat, even though I won't be able to judge more than half of the show since I am showing in most of it.  I can judge on Sunday, for the china classes and the OF collectibility.  It'll be fun if I get picked!  I sent back my little judging resume this morning.

I'm still going in circles in my head about my NAN donation saddle set.  I know that I want to make something super flashy, but I'm stuck on the tooling pattern.  I have made a lot of progress in the last year on leatherworking, but I'm still not at the level I would like to be at.  I think I just need to sit down and get some practice done, so I can figure out what's realistic to try and do, and what will just look cramped and busy.  

Either that, or I need to perfect the technology on my shrink-ray as well as my burglar skills, so I can sneak into tack shops, shrink their real saddles, and get out in under sixty seconds!  

It's also ten days from Hearts N Horses, the show I am putting on!  I'm very excited about this.  Two of the judges are flying in from out of state, one is Jennifer Buxton - she does incredible tack, and we're going to have "tack time" on Sunday!  Two tack-makers picking eachother's brains - it's going to be so fun.  I'm already generating a list of questions, I hope you know what you have gotten yourself into, Jennifer!  :-p

I have another blog entry that has been floating around in my head to do for a while, but it requires some time with MS Paint first.  So that'll be coming after my show is over, and I feel OK about setting aside time to play with MS Paint again.

Lastly - one small rant - I'm getting kind of sick of all the lols on PunditKitchen being about how awesome/smexy/cute/magical Barack is.  Yes, he's awesome, and yes, our country is better now that he's going to be running it.  But you can only lol about it so many times, people.  

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cats Like Stinky Things.

Take, for example, my cat Sita.  She is pretty much the cutest flufftailed tortoise shell little kitty I've ever seen.  Here she is as a wee kitten:

I KNOW, cutest thing ever, right?  

Here she is cuddling with our other cat, Bumper:

But she does some REALLY gross stuff!  Several times now, I've busted her chewing on the ends of used q-tips that she retrieves from my bathroom garbage can.  Like they're the bestest treat ever.

When I thought about this last night when I couldn't fall asleep, I guess it makes sense.  Cats have to have a whole different set of "things that taste like candy" than we do.  If you think about it for a second, you'll know why.  

She also LOVES to carry around my dirty socks.  I have a habit of shedding socks all over the house.  I'll take off a pair while sitting on the sofa downstairs, and then the next morning one sock will be upstairs at the end of the hall, and the other one will be hidden in the corner of the living room behind a speaker.  I have busted her in this act several times, too - but there is something absurdly cute about a kitty carrying something in it's mouth, so I let her do it.  

The last sock-related thing she does is this - she loves to open my  sock drawer, then jump up on the dresser and scoop out the contents of the drawer.  Then she climbs inside the open drawer and sleeps.  For a long time, Ben didn't know that it was Sita doing this, and he just thought I was being incredibly frantic about searching for socks in the morning.

I wanted to post a couple really cute stories about Bandit, too - but I am not prepared with pictures.  So that'll be another day.

Anyway, there's not much substance to this post.  Really, it was just an excuse to post cute pictures of my cats.  Expect a lot more of that.  :-)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

An Observation

It seems like there's a very obvious progression that people go through, in regards to where and how they record their thoughts as they age.  I know many people, mostly girls, that started off writing in paper journals.  Mine even had a miniature lock and key, to keep my most secretest crushes and pre-teen cat fights safe.  I still have several of those old journals, and when I'm feeling incredibly bored I leaf through them.  It's pretty entertaining.

Then when I was in high school, I got a laptop.  I think it was my Junior year.  This CHANGED EVERYTHING.  I started a word document, put a password on it, and went to town.  I used this for about five years, until the laptop became embarrassingly heavy and huge to lug around.  I still have it, although for the right price YOU could be her new owner!  Any vintage mac collectors?

Back to the original subject.  Right around when I was ditching my ancient laptop, The Internets were becoming more and more present in my life.  I discovered MySpace.  At first, I resisted - MySpace is for children!  Children and pedophiles.  

Eventually though, peer pressure won.  I was still living in Corvallis, and travelling to Portland most weekends to visit friends up there, so they insisted that we had to have an easy way to stay in contact when I wasn't in Portland.  That seemed logical enough, so I signed up.  For a long time, I didn't blog at all - but after a while, the center-stager in me won over, and I started writing stuff down.  It was fun!  I also have a TERRIBLE memory, so I could look back and see when things happened.  This came in handy more than once.

Until a few months ago, when several of my friends started leaving MySpace for Facebook.  Because as it turns out, MySpace *IS* just for children and pedophiles!  At first I resisted, as always - Facebook is confusing and irritating with the bajillion applications!  I resisted a long time.  Until finally, one day I devoted some time to actually learning facebook, and I was switched.  I pretty much shut down my myspace, and moved on over to Facebook.

Which brings me to present day.  I feel like I finally might have interesting enough things to say to warrant starting an actual blog that the public can see.  I don't think many people will read it, but to the few of you that do - thanks!  I'm sure I will do a comment contest like Jennifer did, and try to offer some kind of prize for taking the time to see what's going on in ErinLand.

I still LOVE Facebook, though!  The My Stable application over there pretty much makes my world go 'round.  My most recent purchase is a Suffolk Punch drafter named BeefCake.  

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Link to Website:

It would  be good if I posted a link to my "real" website here, since I just discovered that I don't know how to add that to my 'user properties' over there on the right.

It is:

Thanks to any who visit there, let me know what you think!

*Edit* - I'm adding it to my model horse links!  This blogger thing takes a few run-throughs to get right...

You Can Call me Lemming #84

Yeah, I started a blog.  I have been posting notes in facebook, but the only people that can see those are the people... on facebook, logically enough.  I wanted to have a place to write where all can see.  So you won't see any work drama here, or really anything that the General Public shouldn't know about.  

I also have been asked to participate for the first time in the NAN Auction, which is exhillerating and terrifying at the same time.  I needed a place to post a narrative of what's going on with that project, so here we are.  I expect a roller-coaster of small victories matched with crushing bumps in the road.  Maybe I'm over-exaggerating, but this set really will need to be PERFECT.  At least I still have several months to finish it...

In other tack news, I'm very close to finishing my first ever parade set.  It's light oil, which is very different from most parade sets.  I think that will make it stand out.  The embellishments are red painted carved poppies, and leaves, and then loads of studs.  The part I am stuck on (I guess not really STUCK on - I'm simply avoiding it all together) is making the tapaderos.  I haven't even attempted to start to form them yet, and already I know I will hate them by the end of it.  Hopefully by the end of this week, I will have two hunks of studded leather that look something like tapaderos!

I'm also making my first classic sized show set, for Carra's show.  She was kind enough to buy the silver plates, tree, and cast bit and have them sent to me.  It's fun to work in a smaller scale - SO much less real estate to fill with tooling!  

I'll post pictures of all of these projects as they move along, or links at least to my website.

And, in closing - WELCOME, OBAMA!  It's a wonderful day!